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Welcome to Shadikart, the leading wedding arrangement platform designed to provide convenience and accessibility to users. Our platform aims to showcase the strengths of wedding vendors and attract a larger user base. With unique filtration and sorting options, we offer a competitive advantage for businesses in the wedding industry. Users can explore a wide range of options, including pictures, videos, convenient access, operating hours, service quality, reviews, and comparisons, ensuring a seamless wedding planning experience. Our dedicated staff is committed to promoting vendor businesses and providing users with accurate information and advice.

For Wedding Arrangement Users

Shadikart is your gateway to thousands of options for every step of your wedding journey, from planning to the start of married life. We understand that wedding arrangements can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We aim to alleviate your stress by offering a platform where you can explore various options based on your budget and preferences. Say goodbye to budget constraints, false vendor claims, and poor planning. With our surveys, best sellers, and hot deals sections, we make it easier and more convenient for you to make informed decisions.

For Wedding Vendors

As the wedding industry evolves, Shadikart provides the perfect platform for vendors to reach out to potential customers and showcase their strengths. With thousands of couples actively searching for the right options at the right price, Shadikart offers ease of access, choice selection, advanced filtering, and sorting features that make us the top choice for wedding-related activities. We leverage social media platforms to give our vendors an extra edge over their competitors. Through frequent uploads and engagement on social media, we ensure our vendors stay accessible and on top of customers' minds.

Wedding Planning Starts Here

Your wedding planning journey begins with Shadikart. We offer a wealth of resources, including featured blogs, vlogs, videos, articles, market trends, and the latest fashion inspiration to help you plan in advance. We understand that finding the right professionals for your special day can be a daunting task, which is why we provide a platform where you can connect with trusted vendors and make advanced bookings.

Connecting the World of Weddings at Your Fingertips

Shadikart is your fast and reliable source of information gathering for all your wedding needs. Our platform offers convenient filtration options, ensuring affordable prices and saving you valuable time in the midst of your busy wedding preparations. With Shadikart, you have access to everything you need at your fingertips, breaking down border barriers and making us the top choice for individuals exploring wedding vendors outside country.

Mobile Application

Introducing the Shadikart mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices. In this era of technological advancements, mobile applications have become essential tools. Our mobile app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for all your wedding-related arrangements and activities. With just a few taps, you can access a thousand of wedding vendors and services, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your planning process

Join the Shadikart Team

Life at Shadikart is unique, peaceful, and full of exciting challenges. We believe in empowering our employees and taking care of their needs. We are always on the lookout for young, talented, team players, contributors, and self-motivated individuals to join our team. Various positions are available to serve the endless potential of the market, including sales and marketing, customer support services, social media marketing, website development, and app development. Become part of the Shadikart family and contribute to transforming the wedding industry.

How it works

Shadikart is easy to use and workable platform for the users and vendors for wedding related activities


Users can login to shadikart platform with easy registration process. Website and mobile application platform can be used as guest users to explore and navigation purpose. As wedding arrangements Users they can directly contact vendors of products or service providers. After negations and satisfactory discussion, they can finally book the vendors.

Wedding Arrangements Vendors

Wedding Arrangements vendors can register themselves at Shadikart in easy 3 way steps.

Fill in information in applicable format.

Choose desired payment plan and transfer funds

Go live